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Environmental education on site

Perfect for schools and nurseries!

The Vogtland Environmental and Nature Conservation Centre Pfaffengut Plauenis the Saxony State Foundation for Nature and the Environment’s (LaNU) partner for local environmental education in Saxon Vogtland.

Together with children and teenagers, the team at the centre take a close look at the freshwater pearl mussels and their habitat. Exciting programmes for different age groups. Nurseries and schools can book for free. The young participants can carry out their research directly in the freshwater pearl mussel breeding station.

Contact: pfaffengut.plauen@t-online.de

Breeding station open day Pfaffengut Plauen (May 2016)

Breeding station open day

At the end of May/start of June each year, the LaNU and their partners, the district of Vogtland and the Pfaffengut Plauen Centre, organise an open day at the breeding station. Anyone that is interested can visit the breeding station and view the tiny baby mussels through binoculars. There are also fun activities for children to take part in and interesting presentations for adults.







The History and Mother-of-Pearl Museum in Adorf, Vogtland, offers a comprehensive overview of the history of mother-of-pearl processing. The exhibition provides an insight into the world of pearl farming and mother-of-pearl processing, which was practised in the region until the last century.

Ausstellungsobjekte Museum Adorf

Ausstellungsobjekte Museum Adorf
Ausstellungsobjekte Museum Adorf
Ausstellungsobjekte Museum Adorf
Ausstellungsobjekte Museum Adorf
Ausstellungsobjekte Museum Adorf

Freshwater pearl mussel adventure trail

In the outside area of the breeding station, you can find information about the breeding and conservation of the freshwater pearl mussel all year round. A rustic shelter also offers small groups a place to stay. From here, you can discover the “Freshwater pearl mussel adventure trail“:

Information provided:

  • Biology and habitat of the extraordinary mussel
  • Cultural-historical use
  • Threats and conservation efforts

Length:approx. 2 km
Route: green markings between Sohl, a district of Bad Elster, and Raun, additionally marked with freshwater pearl mussel signs

Starting points and parking:

  • Sohl train station
  • Sohl trail car park
  • Raun Freshwater Pearl Mussel Breeding Station

Do you want to find out more?

You can ask for a guide to accompany you along the Freshwater pearl mussel adventure trail at the Pfaffengut Plauen.

South-East Bavaria

Excursions and guided tours

The environmental education activities aim to make freshwater pearl mussel conservation visible and get children and adults fired up about the freshwater pearl mussel. In collaboration with our local cooperation partners, we regularly organise excursions and guided tours, e.g. of the mussel breeding station or the Ilz valley. You can see the latest dates under Events.

No events planned? We also organise individual events for groups of 20 or more. Simply send an enquiry with “Environmental education” in the subject line to kontakt@flussmuscheln.de

It’s always worth

paying a visit to the Ilz Natural Reserve Information Centre in Fürsteneck Castle. Here you can find out all about the Ilz valley and, in particular, the freshwater pearl mussel. In addition to information about the ecological characteristics of the freshwater pearl mussel, visitors can also see equipment used by the last Bavarian pearl fisher. Entry is free.

Or visit our “Freshwater pearl mussel theme trail” in Achslach. The 5.4 km trail starts at the Dorfplatz in Achslach and takes walkers through the tranquil valley of the Wolfertsrieder Stream, following the journey of the freshwater pearl mussel. Seven descriptive display boards contain information about the mussels, the causes for their decline and, above all, information about the extensive restoration measures in the Wolfertsrieder Stream. Walkers can also visit other interesting features in the area around Achslach along the trail.

North Rhine-Westphalia

A collection of learning materials about the freshwater pearl mussel, worksheets and a case containing empty shells from all the large species of mussels that can be found in Germany can be lent out to school classes. Contact: Heidi.Selheim@bs-aachen.de

North-East Bavaria

The freshwater pearl mussel is a native inhabitant of North Bavaria. To get as many people as possible enthusiastic about this fascinating species, the Hof Nature Conservation Association regularly organises excursions and guided tours of the freshwater pearl mussel habitats in the area and the Huscher Mill Freshwater Pearl Mussel Breeding Station. You can see the latest dates under Events.

We also organise individual events for groups. For more information please contact info@bund-naturschutz.com. Be sure to include “Freshwater pearl mussel experience” in the subject line.